In order to volunteer you must send an email to Troma Entertainment, please email volunteertromadance@troma.com

  Please follow the below instructions when applying online:

1.  Review the TromaDance volunteer guidelines below.
2.  Send a message to volunteertromadance@troma.com to express your
     interest in volunteering.
3.  Be sure to include in your message:

a.  Your Full Name
b.  Date of Birth
c.  Address
d.  E-mail address
e.  Phone Number
f.  Whether or not you have an available car.
g.  Any other information you think would be useful.

Remember, the more information you include the better.  Space is limited so apply now to volunteer at TromaDance's 13th Anniversary in New Jersey!

The most important thing to remember is that while everyone is there to have fun, we’re also there to get things done and put on a truly important film festival. If you think you can hack it with Team TromaDance, then follow on to sign up.